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Raise is a loan marketplace that connects individuals with investment opportunities primarily in emerging countries. Leveraging Blockchain technology, Raise is a transparent and secure platform that allows investors to earn great returns while borrowers are able to grow their own businesses.

Raise’s Vision is simple

Raise’s vision is simple: Building an environment that will see future generations benefit by providing attainable credit. This creates a world where people in emerging countries will have the chance to generate a raise in their education opportunities, a raise to access of superior healthcare facilities and even raise their own businesses into fruition.

Find us in Barcelona

We are an international team consisting of 7 different nationalities (including our Filipino dog). We are based in Barcelona, a city growing with innovative startups, a home to some of the best universities with a focus on technology and a place with a growing blockchain community that allows us to network daily. This means that, by placing Raise’s headquarters here we knew we would be able to find the best of the best engineers and developers for our project and build a team that could grow personally and professional through each others learnings and knowledge. The sun is always shining here, the coast is beautiful and the food is delicious, so we're super happy to be in this city.

Meet the team
David Canillas
Francesco Vivoli
Chief Product and Technology Officer
Andrea Permanyer
Francesc Armengol
David Margendorff
Founder and CEO
Diego Prudencio
Pol Sendra
Elisha Aswani
Daniel Martin
Gastón Villar
Daina Šležaitė
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