Understanding a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

All about what this inherently scalable, self-organized, blockchain managed organization is

[Coming soon] Raise’s new investment opportunity – ITF Group

A modern innovator and one of the rising stars on the European non-banking scene

Top DeFi Influencers to Follow Right Now

All the top minds you need to follow to jump on the #defi train

A Brief History of Financial Services | 70 Years Through Finance

How have financial services changed over the last 70 years?

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Loans

Investing money is now accessible to just about anyone. Why should you choose investing in loans?

Decentralized Finance: Revolutionizing the Global Financial System [infographic]

Why, how and when of decentralized finance - visually

Blockchain - the Face of Decentralization?

How decentralization will protect our personal data and revolutionize industries with the use of blockchain

8 Tips for Starting with Peer to Peer Lending

This guide will help you get to grips with peer to peer lending

A Guide to Decentralized Finance: All You Need to Know

While it may seem a complex topic, DeFi can be explained in easily digestible steps. Dig in!

5 Examples of Fintech in 2020

Is Fintech changing the world we live in?

The RAISE token - present and future

We have kept silent about RAISE token for a while. Here comes some news.

Smart Contracts Use Cases in Real Life [infographic]

The future looks coded - find out smart contracts use cases in real life

Passive Income Ideas: 9 Strategies to Make Your Money Grow

What if you could earn without the effort of the daily grind?

Smart Contracts Explained: Beginner's Guide

Learn everything about contracts that are about to change it all

New feature: Buy crypto with credit card inside Raise👏

Log in, buy crypto with your cc, watch your funds increase in real-time and invest in one click.

Peer to Peer lending vs Crowdfunding

P2P lending and crowdfunding often get lumped into the same group, yet they are completely different. Here's why...

Why verify your ID in a Peer to Peer lending platform

Our KYC process is fast and easy but also essential!

Stablecoins boom amid the coronavirus crisis

As they prove their value, Raise adds 2 new stablecoins

How to install and use MetaMask with Raise

This is our guide of how to install MetaMask and connect it to Raise.

Is crowdlending redefining investment?

The best way of investing

How to verify your identity with Bloom

Get your Raise account verified in less that 5 minutes using Bloom

Top 5 crypto exchange services for 2020

The definitive 2020 review of the best crypto exchange services

How to pass our KYC in under 5 minutes

Our guide to successfully verify your account

5 MUST-READ blogs for Blockchain enthusiasts

5 Blogs that our team read to stay up to date with everything blockchain!

Raise integrates with Bloom - Smart Identities are here

New SignUp method for Raise

Unsecured Loan Marketplace - Why?

Why our marketplace offers loans without collateral

Why we use Crypto instead of Fiat to fund our loans?

DAI 4 - 0 Fiat! Read our report of this result.

How to connect Coinbase Wallet to Raise

This is our guide of how to install Coinbase Wallet and connect it to Raise.

2019 Highlights

The Hero that Raised it's idea to production. Our year in review.

Important News Regarding Hero Tokens

Important information regarding your Hero Tokens.

The Top 5 industries that Blockchain technology will disrupt

Check out the impact of blockchain in key industries.

How to borrow money with Raise

How to become a Loan Originator with Raise.

What is DAI and why do we use it to fund our loans?

Why does Raise use DAI? 🤔

Multi-Collateral DAI - What does it mean for Raise?

Multi-Collateral DAI has been released. How will it affect Raise? 🤑

Our Smart Contract Audit Results

Our Smart Contract Audit Results! ✅

WTF is DeFi and should I care?

Read about DeFi and why it's important to "Cut Out The Middle Man" ✂️

What is a Dutch auction?

Our brief guide to help you understand what a Dutch auction is and why we use it!

Crowdfunding - The Future Of Finance

Find out how traditional banks are no longer the future 🏦

How To Invest With Raise!

Learn how to invest with Raise and why you should! 👍

Raise a toast to the future! We’re Live!

Raise a toast! Our marketplace is officially live! 🥳

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